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About this Form

Welcome to the SmartRider Student Concession online ordering form. You may use this form to purchase a student concession card if you meet the following criteria:

Successful completion of this form will cause a card order to be placed. Please pay attention to the notification displayed at the end of the card ordering process as this will tell you whether the card will be mailed to the school or your nominated home address. Whether the card is sent to the school or your home is determined by the school and you cannot alter this. If the card is mailed to the school you will need to make arrangements with the school to collect that card. Your card should be printed and mailed within 1 working day of placing an order.

It is your responsibility to check that the details you submit are correct, so take care and review your details before submitting them. Any misspelling or incorrect data that causes a card to be printed with the wrong information or mailed to the wrong address will require you to order and pay for a new card with the correct details.

For additional information about ordering SmartRider cards online please refer to our Buy Online FAQ

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Use of this form indicates your acknowledgement and acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined above. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are required fields which must be completed.

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